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My name is Fanny Snaith and I am the Financial Freedom Fighter®, a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®.  Thank you for visiting my site.

I know just how hard it is to manage money.  I think we would all like to get to that point where we can relax, knowing that we are making the most of our money and that it is working hard for us.  Yet, it seems impossible.  Do you feel the same?  Look, if you and money aren’t exactly the best of friends, believe me, you aren’t alone.  

It is so easy for dysfunctional money patterns to take control of your life

  • Do you feel that you are drowning when it comes to you and your money? 
  • Does thinking about money bring on unwanted feelings like shame, guilt and embarrassment? 
  • It seems like, no matter how successful you are in your career or business, you always make just enough to get by?
  • Do you put off looking at your bank account or “dealing” with money until bills are due or even missed?
  • Maybe you are looking after your money alone, with nobody to support you? 
  • Or are you responsible for the budget and it is just not working the way you would like it to?
  • You keep your money life a secret, even from those closest to you, as a way of feeling safe and in control, or because you think they might judge you if they knew the real story.

If money patterns like these have taken control of your life, it is time to do something about it NOW!

 Well, as a Certified Money Coach(CMC)® and a money saving expert (but not you know who!) I am just the person to help you.

Practical money management is like painting by numbers. It takes time and patience but when all the little parts have their colour, the overall result is stunning and so rewarding. The problem is that some of us are just not interested in painting by numbers! We don’t seem to have the patience or the will.
Why are we, how we are with money?
Money Coaching goes deep to explore and discover why you are how you are with money. Money Coaching serves as the bridge between the two worlds of personal finance and psychology. It works around your unconscious patterns, beliefs, and behaviours around money through a step by step process.

It actually doesn’t matter whether you grow up rich or poor, because money blocks come from self-limiting beliefs that are rarely true. Our observations and experiences around money as children hardwire us to behave in a certain way around money in adulthood. The hardwiring tells us what we believe as “true” about money, and patterns are formed.

By young adulthood, we are let loose into the big wide world and are expected to be responsible and disciplined with money. We are supposed to set goals and be knowledgeable about money and to top it all, we are not supposed to talk about it!
How often has money been the ELEPHANT in the room for you?
Bank Managers, Financial Advisors, and Accountants work ON your bank account or your business. Their input into your finances does not even begin to consider the hardwired, underlying beliefs and patterns that you have about money.

Money Coaching will help you gain insight regarding your unconscious attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours. Then we work on changing them - forever. We do this by using money archetypes. Money Archetypes help you understand where you are with money, they do not tell you WHO you are. You will learn to recognise who is playing the lead part in your money story.

I will help you develop a relationship with your finances so that they will work with you - not against you. I believe that this is the single most important factor in finding financial freedom. Financial Freedom – means having total clarity with your finances. Being able to put your head on the pillow each night knowing exactly where you are financially. I am a person who will listen, be kind, not judge – and be the someone you can talk about all those money things that you find it hard to talk to anyone else about.
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